Meets Thursday 9.30-10:30 AM Physics Room 1131

Instructor: Prof. Keith Lidke

Room 1140, Physics and Astronomy
phone: (505)277-0302


The format will be one ~ 30 minute presentation per week of either a research report or a journal paper presentation. Topics will be any aspect of fluorescence super-resolution imaging, single particle tracking, single molecule imaging or spectral imaging. We may also have a few full-hour talks by external speakers during the semester.

Registration is not required for attendance or participation, but please register if you can.


Credit for the seminar requires attendance and one research or journal presentation.

Fall Semester Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Compute Topic
22-Aug Organizational Meeting
29-Aug David Schodt Journal Paper: Photo-induced depletion of binding sites in DNA-PAINT microscopy
5-Sep Keith Lidke Discussion: Scientific camera parameters
12-Sep Sandeep Pallikkuth Research Talk: Studying metabolic pathways in leaf using light-sheet RAMAN hyperspectral microscope: an Introduction
19-Sep Michael Wester Journal Paper: TBD
26-Sep Elton Jhamba Journal Paper: TBD
3-Oct Mohamadreza Fazel Journal Paper: TBD
10-Oct TBD Journal Paper: TBD
17-Oct TBD Journal Paper: TBD
24-Oct TBD Journal Paper: TBD
31-Oct TBD Journal Paper: TBD
7-Nov TBD Talk: TBD
14-Nov TBD Talk: TBD